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One of the top brand name in VPN industry is ExpressVPN, even many call it number one VPN in world. Our Express VPN review will cover all the pros and cons of this VPN which we experienced during use.

ExpressVPN will be useful if you are looking for internet freedom, access blocked sites and geo location change. It is most reliable and high performance VPN of this decade. ExpressVPN works perfectly in high-censorship countries like china.

I was looking for alternative after government censorship on torrent sites like Piratebay and 1337x in my country. I got some proxies for torrent access and i found not convenient so i moved to VPN. 

Today i will revel all the hidden gems of ExpressVPN in this review. 

Let’s get started.

ExpressVPN Quick Pros and Cons

ExpressVPN one of the oldest virtual network provider (VPN) provider company founded in 2009. They started company with vision of internet freedom based in British Virgin Islands.

One of the major pros / advantage of using ExpressVPN is torrenting. People fear for IP trace by security agencies when use torrent but ExpressVPN will hide your real IP. 

ExpressVPN support all type operating systems and have custom applications for smooth connections.

Apps of ExpressVPN use Internet Kill Switch to disconnect internet traffic if your VPN face interruption in connection. Kill switch keep users data safe and secure from third party.

So what’s Cons / Disadvantages? Like other good things ExpressVPN has some bad things to say. One the major disadvantages of this is pricing. They are little-bit costly then other competitors in market.

ExpressVPN also have small simultaneous option. They provide only 3 simultaneous connection at time. You can use their router app if you want more than 3 connections.

Currently ExpressVPN hold number #1 VPN from best VPN recommendation list.

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ExpressVPN Price Plans

 As they says “quality comes with a price” and that fits on ExpressVPN. They offer multiple plan based on validity. 

ExpressVPN offers 1 month, 6 month and 12 month plans. British Islands based company offers 3 month free with 12 month plan.

Technically 15 month plan will be cheapest one if anyone looking for price value.

ExpressVPN Plans Price
ExpressVPN Plans Price

1 Month Plan: $12.95 Per Month

6 Month Plan: $9.99 Per Month

12 Month Plan: $6.67 Per Month plus 3 Month free

ExpressVPN not provide any free trial but users can claim refund within 30 day if not satisfied with service.

With standard payment methods like credit card/debit card, expressVPN also allow payment via Paypal and Webmoney. If one not comfortable and wants more privacy, can pay payment with Bitcoin.

ExpressVPN Payment Method

Server Locations Options

ExpressVPN offers 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries. VPN giant has more than 2000 server around the world.

ExpressVPN Server Location

 Multiple server location allows you to access content from website which offers different content based on geolocation. Video Streaming sites Like Netflix or Online TV channel like channel 7 offers content in a country, all you can access this with ExpressVPN geolocation setting.

ExpressVPN cover almost all countries on this planet and that makes big difference.

Look below how i moved my location to Australia. Now i can access live tv channels like channel 7 which can only accessed from Australia.

They have 2000+ servers from multiple cities and ExpressVPN adding more server each month. They also care for servers and provide 99.99% uptime on all servers.

As we already mentioned ExpressVPN is British Virgin Islands based company, so they not abide to follow security agency rules.

Although, British Virgin Islands comes under UK jurisdiction but they can’t force islands to force user information as British Virgin Islands have no data retention laws.

ExpressVPN has a smart location option which is nearest location server and can give best speed. Have a look on below screenshot.

ExpressVPN Smart Location

I tried speed test on ExpressVPN mac os app and found smart location really works for me. I was getting maximum download speed on my smart location server which was Mumbai.

Although VPN speed also depends on your internet connection. 

ExpressVPN Apps

ExpressVPN apps available for all the major operating systems including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Routers.

It can used on three devices simultaneously with unlimited bandwidth, super fast speed, and multi server switch.

ExpressVPN Apps

ExpressVPN apps also available on Apple TV, Fire TV, Smart TV, PlayStation and Android TV box.

ExpressVPN Install

I have Macbook and tried app on my system. It was really easy to install app. Just follow the steps and thats it, connect VPN with your favourite location server.

Desktop app required activation code which you will get during sign up. However, mobile app require email login with password.

No Logging Policy

ExpressVPN strictly follows no log policy. They does not log any of the following sensitive information:

  • Browsing history
  • Traffic destination
  • Data content
  • DNS queries
  • The original IP address

ExpressVPN is British Virgin Islands based company and they are not abide by any rules to collect user log data. BVI is small island which doesn’t has a data retention law.

ExpressVPN No Log Policy
ExpressVPN No Log Policy

Recently Turkish police seized a server in 2016 assassination case of Russian Ambassador. During investigation Turkish police found that server doesn’t have any traffic logs.

This case perfect example of no log policy of ExpressVPN. We can sure that ExpressVPN is 100% safe VPN which can used for any activity.

Speed Test

VPN Speed is most important factor for downloading or surfing internet and we will test here ExpressVPN speed for you. I tested ExpressVPN speed with multiple location changes.

Before activating VPN my internet speed was 20Mbps and i was located in Dubai during this test. 

ExpressVPN Speed Test
  • Smart Location (Mumbai)

My physical location was Dubai so my nearest server was in Mumbai and thats also my smart location server. I liked ExpressVPN smart location information which provides nearest best server.

I was getting 20Mbps internet speed from my ISP. When i connected from Mumbai server speed was dropped little bit. Have a look on below screenshot.

ExpressVPN Mumbai Server Speed

I got 15.85Mbps from Mumbai server which dropped by 20%. Smart location results not bad.

  • ExpressVPN Europe Server

Now I moved to Europe servers for speed test. Europe was next nearest location to Dubai and i wanted to test how ExpressVPN perform.

Here’s test results of some European cities:

ExpressVPN Paris Speed Test

ExpressVPN Paris server speed was really good and better than my smart location.

Paris Server Speed: 17.92Mbps

Speed Drop: 10%

 Now i want to test London server speed. Have a look below for test results.

ExpressVPN London Speed Test

London Server Speed: 15.11Mbps

Speed Drop: 20%

France and United Kingdom server results looks good. Speed was dropped by 10-20% which is normal.

  • ExpressVPN United States Server

United States is 6500KM away from Dubai and I wanted to test distance servers.

How well ExpressVPN American servers? Have a look on below Results.

ExpressVPN NewYork Speed Test

NewYork Server Speed: 13.11Mbps

Speed Drop: 25%

Speed Test Conclusion: After all this speed test i found why ExpressVPN is number one VPN. I found European countries speed test result bestest for my location. If you are looking for better speed VPN then go for ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Encryption

ExpressVPN use modern encryption technology to secure your connection. They use  Advanced Encryption Standard with 256-bit keys which also known as AES-256.

AES-256 is used by many security agencies in US and other countries. Encryption helps to secure user’s connection, so no one can read information related to user’s ISP or original IP of the user. 

VPN Protocols: ExpressVPN offers multiple protocol choices to encrypt traffic from your device to VPN provider. ExpressVPN user can change protocols from app settings.

ExpressVPN give settings to switch between UDP, TCP L2TP and PPTP. Though UDP is most likely fastest protocol and ExpressVPN also recommend it. 

ExpressVPN Split Tunnel

ExpressVPN provide Split Tunnel feature in MacOS, Windows and router apps. Split tunneling allows you to route VPN traffic on certain apps and avoid some apps from using VPN. 

It is most advanced feature on ExpressVPN and it allows user to use local internet on certain apps.

ExpressVPN provide this feature in app with “connection per app” settings. You can change settings from their app. They provide three options for split tunnel.

  • All apps use the VPN
  • Do not allow selected apps to use the VPN
  • Only allow selected apps to use the VPN

If you click second and third option, a popup window will come and from there you can select apps. 

Have a look on below screenshot.

ExpressVPN Split Tunneling
ExpressVPN Split Tunneling Option

Although split tunneling is really good feature but it also have risks. If split tunneling setting not properly managed then there is risk that your ISP or third party can access your internet traffic.

Security Tests

Safer and secure VPN most important factor of any VPN service. I tested ExpressVPN security on platforms like Windows and Mac.

Have a look on below results:

ExpressVPN Mac App IP Leak Test: I tested IP leak test on ipleak[.]net on my Macbook air. I choose Singapore sever to perform this test.

Check out below screenshot for result. 

ExpressVPN Mac IP Leak Test
ExpressVPN Mac IP Leak Test

You can see Ipleak[.]net clearly suggesting that our VPN not leaking ISP ip address. As you can see in above screenshot ExpressVPN is securing all my traffic with dedicated IPv4 address and blocking IPv6 requests.

We also heard positive things for ExpressVPN windows app. Overall we found ExpressVPN number #1 recommendations for security focused users.

24/7 Customer Support

Like other companies ExpressVPN also claim 24/7 customer support and here i will tell you how was ExpressVPN support.

Just to review i contacted ExpressVPN support and found support department was very quick to reply me.

They provide live chat based support on their website in right bottom corner. When i contacted them i got reply in seconds and that was really good thing about ExpressVPN.

ExpressVPN Support Review
ExpressVPN Customer Support was quick, got reply within seconds

Support with big companies sometime missing or delayed but i found ExpressVPN customer support was very good.

Torrenting and Streaming

My aim to buy ExpressVPN was torrenting and i found they allow torrent sites. In most countries including mine torrent sites like Piratebay, 1337x and Rarbg blocked.

So, to access blocked sites ExpressVPN is most safest and secure VPN. Torrenting is illegal and if you try to access directly on you local internet then government and you ISP can trace you easily.

Here’s some reason to use ExpressVPN for torrenting:

  • High speed servers which is required to download torrent files.
  • Offshore Jurisdiction location.
  • No DMCA notice or fines from ISP.
  • Unlimited bandwidth for downloading and streaming.

Overall, I will recommend ExpressVPN for torrenting and streaming based on speed and security features. 

Netflix works with ExpressVPN?

Although recently Netflix banned its streaming from VPNs but it is working fine from ExpressVPN. You can watch multiple region Netflix content with ExpressVPN geo location.

If you located in Dubai or any other part of the world and want to access USA Netflix content then connect ExpressVPN with US server and stream Netflix without limitations.

Some users complained ExpressVPN proxy error when stream Netflix, then you can contact ExpressVPN live chat support. They will assist you to for specific Netflix servers information.

Netflix with ExpressVPN
Netflix with ExpressVPN working

To use Netflix with ExpressVPN, simply connect VPN with your preferred server and stream Netflix with your account normally.

According to ExpressVPN support representative Netflix US, UK and Canada region working for now. They are working on other region for smooth Netflix access.

ExpressVPN Browser Extensions

ExpressVPN apps not only source to connect remote server. One can use Chrome, Safari and Firefox extensions to connect VPN server.  Literally, browser extensions works same as VPN app and have option to choose VPN server location.

Like app ExpressVPN browser extension is also effective for safer browsing practice. They allow 3 optional settings in extension:

  • Spoof you location (Stop browser from revealing original IP).
  • Block WebRTC (Prohibit websites discovering IP and Location).
  • HTTPS Everywhere (Automatically connect website with secure SSL).
ExpressVPN Chrome Browser Extension
ExpressVPN Chrome Browser Extension

ExpressVPN browser extensions is super fast like their apps. They are handy if you want to change location on the go, for that you don’t need to switch desktop VPN client.

Safe Jurisdiction

ExpressVPN is British Virgin Islands based company which is called safer jurisdiction. BVI has no data retention laws so VPN company free, not to share customer data.

Though, BVI is part of British Overseas Territory still they have their own laws and independent judiciary.

ExpressVPN also mentioned on their site that they doesn’t store any log related to browsing history. 

With todays censorship, VPN company need a safer jurisdiction and ExpressVPN one of them.

Final Verdict

Our in-depth ExpressVPN review loudly calling it is number #1 VPN and based on our experience we recommend those who give preference speed & security.

In overpopulated VPN market ExpressVPN stand tall from rest. They have many things to tell, here’s some positives we find in this review:

  • Enormous servers choice from multiple locations
  • Super-fast VPN speed
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Support Netflix and streaming with unlimited bandwidth
  • Easy to use secured apps for all platforms
  • Offshore jurisdiction and no log policy

There is very few negatives for ExpressVPN:

  • No Free Trial
  • Expensive then others in market

Overall, If you are looking for high-security VPN with better performance go for it.

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